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The Benefits of Working Hard When You're Young

11:18 PM · Aug 13, 2021

I feel like in general, many young people today are missing out on what hard work and good work ethic look like. It seems like they’re mostly encouraged not to think about work or developing a good work ethic until they are out of high school. A good work ethic is a fundamental part of your life, and it's best developed at a young age. I started learning to code when I was 8, and it's significantly paid off. I have a skill that's enabled me to build a startup and a career at 15. Invest in yourself for the future. Set goals for yourself, have high standards, and don't compare yourself to your peers. Young people have freedoms adults do not. Our expenses are low and we have much fewer responsibilities. This is best the time to develop a good work ethic that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life. Today, we can learn almost anything online (for free), and we have the advantage as young people because we're able to learn things much faster. Apply your work ethic to learning. Lately, I've been super intrigued by crypto and web 3. It's one of the most exciting times in the internet's history, and I've been able to learn so much from people on Twitter. I'm also learning about building a startup. Never stop learning! Thanks for reading! If you know someone that should read this, please share it!